We Are Cleaning Like Never Before

Cleaning has taken on a whole new dimension. Cleanliness, sanitising our spaces and keeping a distance from one another is something we are all getting used to. Perhaps you thought your office or home was clean in the past – but is this level of cleanliness enough to keep nasty viruses such as the COVID-19 virus at bay? It is time to take a long, hard look at how much more you can do to keep everyone healthy and safe in the work and home environment, and if your office is now at home and you are working remotely, this is just as important. 

Cleaning thoroughly and deep cleaning regularly is something we are all going to have to do moving forward. There is no time like the present to ensure the workspace and home space is kept in peak germ-free and virus-free condition. 

Home cleaning, too, has come a long way with so many individuals staying out of harm’s way with children staying out of the way of contamination. A pandemic is not something we can take lightly. It is a serious unknown we are all facing; therefore, the more knowledge we arm ourselves with and by applying strict measures to ensure we are kept safe is perhaps better than any curing the problem when it arises. 

Top Tips to Keep on Top of Cleaning 

Many are now working from home – kids are staying away from playdates and for the first couple of months of 2020, everyone was at home working and studying. Keeping order in your home, office or home office is a rather daunting prospect and might seem never-ending and unattainable. But this need not be the case if you apply a few practical steps to take charge of cleaning. 

Hiring a professional cleaning team to tackle this task is a wonderful idea if your budget permits you to do so. The professionals will clean your bathrooms, floors and windows, plus they will deep clean all areas with products strong enough to kill viruses and germs. A regular deep clean is essential plus it will ensure the health and safety of all concerned. Professional cleaners such as CCM called in regularly will reduce your cleaning time every week, and instead of spending hours cleaning and tidying up, this time will be greatly reduced, freeing you up to tackle other more pleasant tasks and to have a little downtime over the weekends. 

  • Start your cleaning with dusting from the top down. This will prevent you from cleaning the bottom layers and then having to clean again when dust and dirt falling 
  • Next, clean from left to right. This is a brilliant way to ensure you don’t miss any spots and is methodical. Plus, you don’t want to end up cleaning the same place twice! 
  • By keeping your space clean as you go will avoid having to clean a mess that has accumulated 
  • Clean one room at a time as this is the most effective way to clean any office or home. This is a very effective way to not miss any areas and a certain sense of accomplishment will be achieved 
  • CCM uses eco-friendly products when cleaning your office, home office or home to ensure the safety of everyone is taken into consideration 

Some Tips That Will Help You Keep Everything in Tip-Top Condition 

  • Throw out absolutely anything and everything you don’t want, use, eat, need or wear – culling is the best way to keep your environment clean. Did you know that all you need is half an hour every day to declutter? This is a great way to get through clutter and mess. The less you have to shift around to clean the faster you will get everything in a perfectly clean and hygienic condition. 
  • Take baby steps – do one small thing every day and keep on top of all your tasks that way. For example, dusting one day, vacuuming another, wiping all the surfaces clean with disinfectant another – and so on 

Wherever possible open the windows and doors as weather permits to let fresh air in. A fresh, clean environment, sparkling space, and hygienic surfaces will make everyone positive, happy and give everyone peace of mind. 

For professional cleaning services such as window cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and more contact CCM cleaning services.

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