Cleaning Your Lights Will Brighten Up Your World

Did you know that just by cleaning the light bulbs in your home or office makes all the difference? Dirty lights and light fittings can reduce the output of light by as much as 50%. Ensure you clean your lights and fittings to make the most of your natural light and reduce your electricity bill all at the same time. 

There are, however, certain methods that will apply to clean all lights. Your lights must be cool before you start cleaning any light fittings. 

Before cleaning your space turn off the overhead lights and you will be surprised at how much dirt and dust has collected on numerous surfaces. Even when you think something is clean, you will see. Countertops that seem clean at first are surprisingly not clean when the lighting is dimmed. 

The most obvious way to keep everything spick and span is by calling in the specialists to assist; however, if you are embarking doing it yourself, best to get stuck and do a good job right from the outset. 

Cleaning Tips for Your Lights 

  • Cleaning Your Chandeliers Until They Shine  

Dusting your chandeliers makes them shine brightly every day. During the dusty season or high pollen season ensuring your chandeliers are light and bright will cast the kind of light on a room that will lift everything inside. A thorough wash might prove to be difficult which should be done at least every couple of monthsCCM will assist with cleaning hard-to-reach windows, light fittings and more. A professional, thorough clean is important to keep everything looking good. For those looking to put their homes on the market, shiny light fittings and sparkling windows are a great drawcard and will give a good first impression for home buyers. 

If you are planning to take a chandelier down to clean it properly, a good tip is to take a photo of the assembled fitting before dismantling it. This could prove to be a useful if you cannot remember where all the crystals belong. 

  • How to Successfully Clean All Light Bulbs 

In today’s modern world of technology, light bulbs are being recreated to last long. Many office configurations, homes and home offices now opt for LED and CFL lights for longevity and practicality. 

Keep light sparkling clean to reduce costs on your utility bill and to rooms looking light and bright. Simply wipe light bulbs regularly to get rid of dirt and grime. 

Don’t use a damp cloth as these could damage electric light fittings, and whatever you do, remember to switch off the electricity before cleaning or changing bulbs.  

A great tip is to tape the switch before changing or cleaning globes to prevent nasty accidents while working on the globe or fittings. 

  • Why You Need to Clean Your Ceiling Fixtures 

Never put your delicate glass fixtures and fittings in the dishwasher as these will break and chip. 

Ceiling fixtures get dirty and grubby over time. Taking these down from time to time, cleaning them thoroughly with warm soapy water will make a huge difference to the lighting in a room. Once they have been washed clean, dry them thoroughly before replacing them. 

A professional cleaning team will tackle your ceiling fittings and bulbs, windows and other hard-to-reach areas for a thorough clean.  

  • What About Recessed Lights? 

Keep your recessed lights clean by dusting them with a long-handled feather duster every week. You can also wipe them clean with a damp cloth using Windowlene or a microfibre cloth. Always make certain that your bulbs are cool when attempting cleaning of lights and bulbs. Ensure your lights are switched off before attempting to clean any electrical appliances or light fittings to be on the safe side. 

  • Cleaning Your Pendant Lights Is Easy to Do – Here’s How 

Pendant lights are usually easier to reach than other light fittings. When cleaning any type of light fitting always ensure they are cool otherwise you can have a nasty accident. 

Wipe all the bulbs, extension rods and any cabling with a dry cloth. 

  • Ceiling Fans Can Get Dusty 

Don’t forget to dust everything including the globes when you dust the blades of your ceiling fans. Every time you change the globe on your ceiling light, take a minute to dust the blades.  

When dusting light fittings or cleaning bulbs and globes, it might be a good idea to wear goggles and a mask. Dust gets into eyes and we need to protect these. 

Never grab onto the blades of a fan when standing on a ladder – they move, and you will fall. 

The CCM Difference 

Safety is key – choose a professional facilities management company to assist such as CCM for all those hard-to-reach and awkward spots. Your lights and globes need to be cleaned regularly as these will lighten up a room and add an extra dimension to the all-around cleanliness of your environment. Furthermore, you will reduce your electricity bills. Let our professional CCM team step in to make a difference. 


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