CCM Proudly Supports the Santa Shoebox Project

As part of our corporate social investment mission at CCM, we are proud to announce we have partnered with the Santa Shoebox Project. At CCM, we aim to give you great customer care and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. But we are more than just cleaning and sanitising—we care!


We believe in giving back to the community and supporting the youth of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. The Santa Shoebox Project is a brilliant initiative that aligns with our values and beliefs, bringing joy to the lives of underprivileged children.

CCM Cleans the Santa Shoebox Project Warehouse

CCM cleaned the Santa Shoebox Project Randburg warehouse. Our cleaners made the space spick and span and ready for Santa and his helpers. They will be handing out much-anticipated gifts to children who are not fortunate enough to share the joy and delight of a Christmas filled with lights and baubles, bells and turkeys, trees, and brand-new dresses.

What Does the Santa Shoebox Project Do?

The Shoebox Project ensures each child receives a small token of love and care. For many of these children, these gifts are all they receive during the festive season. We know that this gesture will bring a little cheer to those that are not used to receiving gifts. That is why we are so pleased to get involved. And you can get involved too.

You Can Get Involved Too!

You can pledge a Santa Shoebox containing:

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Soap

– Facecloth

– School supplies

– Toy

– Sweets

– An outfit of clothing

Learn more about how you can get involved here

Why Should I Get Involved in the Santa Shoebox Project?

Why not get involved?! The joy and delight on a child’s face when receiving a much-loved parcel at Christmas is something to behold. Most of us lead lives that are privileged and filled with abundance. The Christmas tree decorated with fun and laughter, twinkling in windows for all to share. Presents eagerly opened by excited children on Christmas Eve or morning (and exhausted parents). Church services followed by tables groaning with Christmas fare.

Bring Christmas to Children in Need

For the children who receive a Santa Shoebox filled with treats, Christmas will visit them too this year. You can make this dream come true, if even for one little child. Every child deserves a little joy and love at Christmas, and that is why this initiative is so close to our hearts. At CCM we are so much more than cleaning and making your spaces comfortable and safe. We are about giving back with heartfelt feelings to those that are not as privileged.

Everyone loves surprises, and every child loves to receive a gift no matter how small. We take for granted buying our children sweets, toys, and clothes. Imagine how delighted a child would feel receiving these items. Bring a little magic and let’s make magic for those that don’t know how wonderful it is to receive something, too.

The Shoebox Project in 2020

This year’s theme is “Let’s Make Magic”. The project is in its fourteenth year as one of South Africa’s most anticipated and best-loved charities. They made almost a MILLION children happy during last year’s festive season. Over 957,000 shoeboxes were handed out in 2019, and soon the benchmark figure of a million will be handed out to children that are less fortunate. The excitement is starting to gather momentum. Once the millionth pledge has been made to the millionth recipient, it will be delivered personally to the lucky millionth child by that donor. Shoeboxes are handed out every year right across South Africa and Namibia at over 60 drop-off points.

If you are the donor who sponsors the millionth child, you will be presenting the box in person to that shiny-eyed, gap-toothed kid. This is a moment that will be imprinted in your mind forever! Donate today to make a memorable Christmas for children that are not as fortunate as your own.


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