Everything You Need to Know About Green Cleaning Services

Organisations are becoming more environmentally friendly in their cleaning practices for greater sustainability.  

Is Hiring Green Cleaning Services Important? 

Are you conscious of the materials used when cleaning your office space? It is often tempting to use the cheapest products advertised for a quick once-over. Busy commercial environments often overlook the importance of using green cleaning products.  

Most cleaning products with harmful chemicals are accessible and efficient. They might do the job but could harm the environment. Employees and staff with weaker immune systems enjoy using the right products. If employees are sensitive to chemicals, these could cause unpleasant reactions. 

Stop and think twice before you choose your office cleaning services. Select a company that will use professional teams and eco-friendly products. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure your office space is pathogen free.  

This is especially important during a pandemic. Achieve a healthier environment by choosing a corporate cleaning service company that uses green cleaning products. They will tackle all aspects of cleanlinesshygiene, and sanitation at your offices, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, ceiling cleaning, and more. 

Companies are taking a Greener Approach to Cleaning 

Cleaning service companies should know your concerns. Choosing one that protects our environment is a good option. We all need to take note of our plans and actions that control the environment we operate in.  

Many companies have documented a systematic approach to greening our world. Companies are now setting goals and targets. They are becoming aware of the performance and impact of cleaning everything from the ceiling to the floor. 

With a combined effort, we can all make a difference. CCM has developed a solution by providing businesses with environmentally friendly products. We use methods that are gentle on the environment and effective at cleaning and disinfecting. 

Everything You Need to Know About Green Ceiling Cleaning 

Our ceiling cleaning services will ensure your ceilings are left sparkling and germ-free. As businesses start opening doors, cleaning has taken on a new role. Alongside traditional cleanliness, hygienic and pathogen free environments have become vital. 

CCM offers a safe and cost-effective ceiling cleaning service. We restore your ceilings and tiles to an “almost new” state. We have created our spray and mist solutions to tackle all types of ceilings, including acoustic ceilings. No job is too big or too small for us to tackle. 

Do You Want to Make a Difference in the World Around You?  

You can make a difference in the world around you by selecting aoffice cleaning company that only uses green products. It is time to select a cleaning company that has tested their products and equipmentone that offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions. 

  • Green cleaning should include eco-labelled mops fitted with micro-fibre cloths.  
  • We avoid cross-contamination with simple colour coding. This includes cleaning cloths and other cleaning paraphernalia.  
  • Choose an office cleaning company that will deep vacuum your carpets and soft furnishings. This removes the fine dust particles that cause allergies. Through the elimination of dust, you will reduce allergens in the workplace. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly. 
  • We only ever use biodegradable cleaning products and filtered water to clean carpets.  
  • Our cleaning products are accredited internationally.  
  • We make our biodegradable products from sustainable, naturally active ingredients. The contents of these products will break down within fourteen days. 

What is the Definition of Green Cleaning?  

There is so much more to green cleaning than using products that are eco-friendly. Green cleaning embraces an entire process. Trained staff use specific equipment. All our equipment and processes are not harmful to the environment.  

All our micro-fibre mops and cloths are colour coded. Our high-quality vacuuming will also purify the air. You will need fewer products to clean by keeping your space clean and free of dust with green cleaning services. The adage prevention is better than cure applies here.   

What is the Purpose of Green Cleaning?  

We choose green cleaning because it is sustainable and kind to the world. Toxins and chemicals cause much harm. They often end up in our landfills and water systems. Harmful chemicals released into the air impact negatively on the ozone layer. We can reduce the damage to our ecosystem if everyone does their bit.  

What Should I Be Doing to Make a Difference?  

Harmful and conventional cleaning products are corrosive. They could also irritate the lungs, eyes, and skin. Green cleaning products contain natural ingredientsfar safer choice. Ask your cleaning services company what they use. 

The proper handling of green cleaning products is important. Green cleaning companies emphasise safety practices alongside the use of earth-friendly products. They use proper handling and storage of cleaning materialsperform maintenance, and use high-powered cleaning equipment for excellent results.  

The CCM Difference 

We are making inroads in the world of cleaning and hygiene and have been in the game since 1997. Green cleaning is about reducing waste. It is also about capturing and sorting out potential cleaning issues. We have trained our staff to clean in an accurate and effective manner for increased productivity. Our teams know how to reduce the use of products, ensuring we waste nothing.  

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