CCM Partners with ionopure South Africa

CCM strives to be a market leader in the cleaning and sanitising industry. To ensure we limit the impact on the environment and to preserve the planet for future generations we have adapted our cleaning and sanitising practices to be more environmentally friendly and safe for our staff and customers. Generally, the biggest impact on the environment in the cleaning industry is the chemicals used and traditionally there were not many options available to the market.  

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with ionopure South Africa who manufacturers various environmentally friendly alternatives to the generic options used in the cleaning chemical market. The range we adopted includes solutions for surfaces cleaning and sanitisation, degreasing of surfaces, cleaning of windows and purification of air particles. These products carry various accreditations and approvals in South Africa and globally including food grade approval.

The products we will now utilise is based on Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). HOCL is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and highly effective at low concentrations resulting in the perfect weapon to fight germs whilst also being safe to use around family and pets. HOCL has been proven to be over 300 times more effective in killing harmful pathogens than most bleach-based products making these products some of the most effective cleaning products around.

One of the new products on offer that we are able to offer our clients is the Air Purity system which disperses HOCL through an ultrasonic humidifier ensuring that harmful pathogens in the air is targeted and killed when it comes in contact with the HOCL particles that is suspended in the air. This allows for cleaner air for your staff and reducing sick leave dramatically. One thing the pandemic has taught us is the importance of treating the air we breathe. The product is safe to inhale and improves the general air quality. The added benefit is that the residual HOCL that falls onto the surfaces assists in disinfecting the surfaces reducing this risk area. Definitely a worthwhile investment for any company. 

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