High rise service offerings – what you need and more.

Staying ahead in this economy is tough, which is why innovation is so important when it comes to service-based businesses. When it comes to the cleaning industry, CCM has a presence in all corners of the market, including high rise window cleaning and a number of other high-rise services you may not know about.

For example, CCM’s façade cleaning services ensure that your building looks well looked after from the outside and negates damage from outdoor elements that can leave buildings looking tired and worn. This is done through the use of high-pressure washer systems.

Professional Silo Cleaning is another service that the CCM rope access technicians can assist with. CCM will work closely with clients to access the best cleaning solutions and specifications for their silo cleaning.

Signage installation and removal is another area of specialisation. The CCM rope access team, trained to work safely at heights can successfully navigate this process.  In addition, once signage has been installed, the team is able to maintain it to keep it looking its best, a huge benefit for brands using this type of advertising. Given the fact that faulty LEDs, malfunctioning lettering and the like on a billboard or sign reflect poorly on the brand overall.

Ongoing maintenance of signage is necessary to ensure that it remains looking good and in working order for the duration of the installation. The team specialises in working with various types of signage, including aluminium, 3D illuminated signage, illuminated lettering as well as light boxes and neon signs.

Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance of Solar Panels.

Solar Panels while costly are a great investment for the future of energy and the environment. Consequently, the correct asset management in respect of solar panels will ensure they retain peak effectiveness and longevity. Accordingly, CCM has engaged a UK based Training & Consultancy business, Clean Solar Solutions Ltd, to provide CCM with comprehensive and professional expertise in this regard.

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