Cleaning and preventative maintenance of solar panels

Solar Panels while costly are a great investment for the future of energy and the environment. Consequently, the correct asset management in respect of solar panels will ensure they retain peak effectiveness and longevity. Accordingly, CCM has engaged a UK based Training & Consultancy business, Clean Solar Solutions Ltd, to provide CCM with comprehensive and professional expertise in this regard.

The range of subjects include:
• Frequency of cleaning
• Optimising ROI
• Soiling types
• Correct solar panel cleaning equipment
• Solar panel cleaning within warranty guidelines
• Cleaning large scale ground-mounted solar farms
• Cleaning large scale roof-mounted arrays
• Cleaning Lichen growth on solar panels

Make sure your chosen Solar-Panel-Cleaning Company adheres to the following:
Does not use unfiltered tap water (hard water) to clean panels. Unfiltered tap-water will leave calcium and other mineral deposit on the panel after cleaning, particularly in the highveld areas where the water is hard.
Does not walk or stand on the panels. Apart from the possibility of damage, resulting in micro cracks, which over time will cause burnt-out cells effecting functionality, there is a danger of electrocution.
Does not, for health and safety reasons, attempt to clean an array of roof-top solar panels without a safety harness. In all possibility, Insurers will reject any claims and manufacturers will not uphold the warranty under these circumstances.

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