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Carpet Cleaning Services

CCM’s carpet cleaning service will ensure your domestic or corporate carpets and rugs are rejuvenated and odour-free. Our carpet cleaning technicians treat every carpet that they clean with care. The cleaning methods we use are completely safe and have been proven to be effective on Persian rugs. Clean Care Mobile uses a hot water, deep extraction method to remove ingrained dirt from carpets.

Carpets should be cleaned often to protect them from wear, especially carpets in corporate environments where there is high traffic. Frequent cleaning removes dirt and grit which can damage the carpet fibres, especially in high traffic areas. Carpets can also be breeding grounds for bacteria which can trigger allergies.

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Why use CCM to clean your carpets?

Safe, effective cleaning methods
Revive the appearance, and prolong the life expectancy, of carpets
Experienced carpet technicians

Clean Care Mobile’s carpet cleaning services are provided to you in cooperation with Van Dyck’s Floors