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Green Cleaning

Clean Care Mobile has become conscious of the fact that an increasing number of our clients’ organisations are adopting environmentally friendly policies, plans and actions that control the environments they operate in. These companies have documented a systematic approach to greening their environments, set goals and targets and constantly measure their performance. Some have even relocated their operations into eco-green buildings.

At Clean Care Mobile, we are keenly aware of their concerns and our response is to place ourselves at the vanguard of this noble activity. With their help, CCM has developed a solution to provide them with an eco-green cleaning service, that will over time and with our combined efforts, make visible progress toward helping our clients achieve their goals in a manner that is not only satisfying to them but is also sustainable.

To this end, we have researched the market place, tested products and equipment and are able to offer the following eco-green cleaning solutions:

  • Hard surface cleaning with eco labelled mops fitted with micro fibre cloths.
  • Colour coded cloths to assign usage and thereby reduce cross contamination.
  • Conduct deep clean vacuuming to extract the finest dust particles and allergens, thereby reducing allergic reactions.
  • It is important that carpets and mattresses are deep cleaned at regular intervals as they can harbour bacteria and ingrained dirt. Mattresses can collect up to 2 kilograms dead skin cells a year which makes a perfect breeding ground for dust mites.
  • Clean carpets using biodegradable cleaning products and filtered water to make the cleaning products more efficient. These cleaning products exceed international environmental accreditation. They are made from sustainable, natural active ingredients. Once used, the contents will biodegrade within 14 days.

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