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Facilities Management

"We manage with Care!"


Everything You Need to Know About Facilities Management

"We Manage Your Business Facilities with Care"

At CCM we take facilities management to the next level. Let us ensure we meet your individual business needs. We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we will assess your unique needs to give you the best service possible. You can get a free quote for your unique requirements from CCM.

Our motto is managing our clients with care. We work hard in the background to free you up to attend to what matters most. Let us take care of all aspects of the management and maintenance of your facilities for a pristine business environment.

With the right facilities management company taking care of your needs, your space can be more caring, healthy, and safe. We take care of all the hard and soft services. No business is too big or too small for us to handle.

Attending to Your Facilities Needs Is What We Do Best

We are a facilities management company in South Africa. Our service offering includes a wide range of turnkey facilities management solutions. We focus on incorporating your on-site management, including all aspects of soft and hard services.

What Are Our Soft Services?

Our soft services include pest control, washroom hygiene, and catering. We also take care of your garden maintenance. Let us ensure we keep your office plants healthy and cared-for. Employees often forget to water and care for office plants. Despite this, office plants bring many benefits over and beyond being easy on the eye.

3 Reasons Why Office Plants Will Make You Happy and Healthy

  1. Most offices in modern settings use air conditioning units. The air in modern office buildings can contain ten times more pollutants than fresh air.
  2. Culprits that pollute our indoor office air include toxins. These include formaldehyde, dust mites, chemical cleaning agents and carbon monoxide.
  3. Office plants remove harmful pollutants. The result is a healthy, happy environment free of pollutant.

We take care of your office plants by ensuring they thrive and reach their full growth potential. They are essential for reducing Sick Building Syndrome that many of us might suffer from.

What are Our Hard Services?

Our hard services include the technical elements that affect your building. Our facilities teams will service your air conditioning units. They will also ensure your lifts, plumbing, lighting, and elevators are working well.

Few bosses can take the time out to attend to the small intricacies of maintenance around the office such as locks that don’t function, leaking taps, loose tiles, and more. These take time and trips to hardware outlets. They also take a few basic skills that many of us might not have. Few businesses can afford the time and effort it takes to maintain little repairs. Facilities management companies such as ours will take care of your hard services to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Prevention is better than cure. Good maintenance will prevent minor issues from turning into enormous problems. Our regular and thorough maintenance will prevent large mishaps.

What Makes Us the Best in the Business

CCM will take care of all aspects of your facilities management. We offer businesses a cost-effective model driven by our value proposition. We pride ourselves on building client relationships. It is not only about winning contracts. At CCM we listen to what our clients want. Let us adapt your needs to your specific requirements, delivering service excellence.

We coordinate our staff and train our teams with the latest skills. Our teams apply the most advanced technology. We also use high-tech equipment to deliver exceptional value and quality.

How We are Actually Helping Your Business. This is What We Do:

As a South African facilities management company, we care for many businesses. Let us take over the reins by providing you with both hard and soft services. We manage all contractors for you, too. At CCM, we underpin our service delivery by a commitment to integrity.

We are also proud of our transparency and cost-effectiveness. This is regardless of whether we are managing a building or offering select services. Our hands-on approach and involvement of our senior members at all levels will give you peace of mind. Our strong client relationships and retention of customers are proof of our commitment.