Clean Care Mobile are Catering to Your Needs

We have listened and now we have delivered. Not only do we take care of and full responsibility for all the building service needs of your business premises – we have gone a whole step further by catering to your needs, literally, by acquiring a food services company that will ensure food is delivered in its finest form in your canteen.

In a world full of clutter and noise, it has become extremely difficult to take time out and have the kind of dedication required for all those culinary wants that so often go hand-in-glove with office functions, parties, meetings, training sessions and more.

We took the plunge by acquiring MacBerry Food Solutions to ensure all your culinary needs are taken care of, under one great big multi-services umbrella by adding value to an ever-growing number of clients and services.

The promise we hold is a guarantee that all ingredients that are used are freshly sourced, resulting in world-class fare that is top-notch and excellent at all times; furthermore, artisanal food at this level is both healthy and delightful and will cater to all palates – even the fussiest.

All your office and business needs under one roof make, perfectly good sense. Being a stalwart in the industry with 20 years under our belts, we have heard time and again how convenient it would be for food to be incorporated into the equation.

We have taken the bull by the horns, listened with interest and taken the plunge to add this string to our bow.
We are now enormously proud to bring the magic of culinary excellence to your office, through the acquisition of MacBerry Food Solutions, which translates into a canteen division which went live on August the 1st 2018.

Because we know that simpler is always best, we take this approach to our services seriously, and you and your clients, colleagues and business associates can now look forward to pristine surroundings where continental coffee settings, as well as a variety of meals, are all served with a passion and trained personnel that are both enthusiastic and passionate about what it is that they do best.

Catering is another arm to what we already do so well – we have taken the needs of our esteemed clients seriously and added a little flavour and a pinch of spice to what we deliver with excellence and flair.

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