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When it comes to window cleaning, there are two important steps to keep in mind. The first is getting rid of any dust and grime buildup and the second is ensuring that the windows are streak-free once they’re clean.

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Service Techniques

CCM DASH’s window cleaning service for multi-storey homes utilises a water-fed pole system for the outside home clean.

In order to eliminate dust and grime, we use specialised cleaning solutions on the windows. Secondly, we make use of a scientific water-filtration system to filter out the minerals which cause streaking namely calcium, magnesium and potassium from the tap water, guaranteeing a streak-free finish.

Benefit 1

Ensures a streak-free, spotless finish on your windows.

Benefit 2

Our stringent health and safety measures reduce the risk of safety concerns associated with scaling of ladders/precarious heights.

Benefit 3

Our team are trained and legally qualified to work at heights.

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