Hygiene Services

Break the chain of germ transmission in your work place and promote a healthier environment.

CCM - continuously striving to be the best.

Service Promise

Every business is required to provide a clean and healthy work environment for the well-being of its employees, with special emphasis on toilets and the environs.

Our hygiene services include feminine hygiene equipment and servicing.
We provide a rental and servicing agreement for hygiene dispensers.

Complete your sanitising programme with our range of hygiene products and services, which will enhance your workplace and reduce cross contamination of germs and viruses.

Our range of hygiene cleaning services and products:

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers:
We install, refill and maintain soap dispensers for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Toilet Cubicle Services:
Feminine care bins, toilet roll holders, seat wipes and auto-janitors.

Air Freshener Dispensers:
To keep facilities smelling clean and fresh.

Hand Drying Facilities:
Electric hand dryers and paper towel dispensers to suit your specific needs.

Dust Floor/ Walk-off Mats:
To trap dirt and protect your floors and carpets from being damaged. 

Available colours for hygiene equipment:

Stainless Steel   White                 Satin  

Matt Black         Copper Gloss  Matt Black Steel

Benefit 1

Reduced risk of cross contamination of germs.

Benefit 2

Healthier employees.

Benefit 3

Employee satisfaction derived from immaculately clean washroom facilities.

What our clients have to say about us

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