Mattress Cleaning

Revive and refresh your mattress with CCM’s DASH mattress cleaning service.

CCM - continuously striving to be the best.

Service Techniques

Trust our expert team to eliminate every trace of allergens, dust mites and stains* from your mattress. Rest assured that we’ll restore its freshness and extend its lifespan. 

*T’s & C’s Apply

Benefit 1

Removal of dirt, allergens, dust mites and exfoliation of dead skin cells, that ordinary vacuuming won’t accomplish.

Benefit 2

Helps eliminate unpleasant odours that may have seeped into the fabric due to perspiration or spills.

Benefit 3

Enhances the longevity of your mattress by removing stains* promptly before they become embedded.

Benefit 4

Promotes better overall hygiene within your sleep space.

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