Terms & Conditions - Anchor Bolt Testing And Installation.


  • Quotations are valid for one month.
  • After quotation has been signed and approved, a successful anchor bolt testing certificate needs to be provided.
  • Unless stated otherwise and agreed formal arrangement has been made billing will take place on the 1st of every month and will be due the end of every month.
  • Any working hours that fall outside of initial approved quote will need to be charged additionally.
  • All pricing is EXCLUSIVE of VAT.
  • Should any bolt fail whilst testing, a quotation will be sent to you for an installation of a new point.


  • Start dates of work are subject to Team availability.
  • In order for work to commence a 50% deposit needs to be paid upfront.


  • A risk assessment will be submitted once the signed acceptance has been received.


  • All anchor points will be installed by us (CCM) and are for the use of only the CCM Team, for safety and liability reasons. Should any other parties use these anchor points we cannot be held liable.
  • CCM has the right to barricade off areas where work is being performed.
  • Should a third party perform any works on our work (CCM), any guarantees will be void with immediate effect.
  • CCM will not be held responsible for any hidden or latent defects to the surface or substrate.
  • Bolting that has been implemented needs to be tested and maintained annually.
  • If a storeroom or toilet cannot be provided for team for the duration of the contract, CCM will hire at an additional cost to the client.
  • All power points and water outlets must be provided.
  • Should the client not be able to supply electricity points, water outlets store etc. CCM will supply them at an additional cost.
  • Access to specific work areas etc needs to be arranged before work commences.
  • CCM will not be held liable for any damages/ defects due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • All staff performing anchor testing/installation are fully competent and work to industry standards IWH.
  • Should the anchor bolt fail, CCM may need to drill another hole.

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