Terms & Conditions - Carpet, Floor and Upholstery Cleaning

We, the contractor, hereby undertake to clean the carpets/upholstery as detailed on the front of this quotation.

2.1 In the case of carpeting this will comply with the standards as contained in SABS0245 – “The code of practice for the maintenance of textile floor coverings”
2.2 In the case of upholstery, this will comply with the standards as contained in SABS0274 – “The cleaning of textile upholstered furniture.”

3.1 Whilst every reasonable care and diligence is expected in the handling and cleaning of all items, all cleaning is carried out by us at owners risk.
3.2 We cannot accept responsibility for carpet shrinkage, stretching or seam separation which can as a result of poor installation, manufacturers failure to pre-shrink fabric or for damage or defects existing prior to commencement of work, or for any defects or conditions which may appear during or resulting from normal cleaning procedures.
3.3 In terms of upholstery cleaning, we cannot be held responsible for fugitive dyes, starched fabrics or for previously faded or deteriorated areas, which may disintegrate even in the hands of even the most careful workman, or for shrinkage resulting from the fabric manufacturers failure to preshrink.

We have a complete range of professional chemicals to remove all removable stains. Since some stains are not removable due to the nature of the stain, type of fabric, time elapsed since staining, to dyeing or bleaching of the fabric or to sealing in of the stain by incorrect treatment we therefore cannot guarantee to remove all marks/or stains. Wherever possible, we will inform the customer of likely irremovable stains prior to the commencement of cleaning.

The customer is responsible for cleaning items/areas to be cleaned of all breakables and valuable items, failing to do so, such items will be removed by our staff at the customers risk and will not be held liable for any damage of such items.

We will not be liable for any damage or loss due to theft, fire or malicious damage or any other loss or damage whatsoever to any goods whilst in our possession.

7.1 Should any dispute or difference arise between the parties either during the course of or on completion of this contract which cannot be satisfactory settled, it is hereby agreed that either party shall forthwith give the other written notice of such dispute or difference which shall be determined by consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrates court.
7.2 Any complaint concerning our service rendered must be made to ourselves within 48 hours of completion of the work.

The quotation remains valid for a period of 30 days from the date hereof.

There is a goods in transit cover for carpets for up to R50 000 per incident. If Value of clients rugs exceeds this amount – client will need to advise and would need to then take out their own short term insurance for the shortfall.

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