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The Benefits of Misting to Protect Your Office

Business owners and office managers all over the world are facing a challenge unlike any we have experienced in recent times. Hygiene has suddenly become the top priority in people’s minds. Restrictions put in place because of the Coronavirus have made everyone more aware of large, open spaces and the risks of the spread of infections in such spaces.

Your employees and co-workers may have concerns about working in a shared space. Any company with more than one employee, no matter the industry, needs to take precautions to increase office hygiene. By office cleaning and sanitising, you can contribute to the efforts in resisting the spread of the Coronavirus.

What is the most effective way to destroy germs and increase hygiene in your office space? Innovative technology allows us to clean and sanitise every part of your office without touching any surfaces. It’s called misting, and here’s how it works.

What is Misting?

Misting is an innovative way to clean large, open areas without any direct contact. Professional misting cleans sanitises, and disinfects fast! A team of professional cleaners uses a mist blower or mist sprayer to treat the desired area without having to touch any surfaces. Misting eliminates odours, bacteria, and viruses like Norovirus and MRSA.

Our team uses GenEon’s misting and cleaning solutions, for a harmful chemical-free clean. GenEon’s solutions make use of electrically charged mixtures of water and proprietary minerals, also known as electrolyzed water. Testing in labs confirms that this solution kills 99.999% of common germs in less than a minute! That means you won’t have to worry about Pseudomonas, Norovirus, H1N1, Salmonella, E. Coli, O157:H7, Listeria, MRSA, Staph, and more!

Can Misting Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus?

Testing has not been carried out to prove the efficacy of any cleaning materials against the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic yet because the virus is so new. Because our system is backed by science and can kill so many pathogens, the likelihood that our technology will prove effective against the virus is substantial. The added advantage of destroying pathogens in the air makes misting one of the best ways you can contribute to a healthier working environment.

Why Choose Misting?

Misting does not require any harmful chemicals to get the desired sanitisation and cleanliness. Our professionals are trained to execute misting with precision and efficacy in each room or area you require. Misting is effective in open-air areas and closed spaces, from bathrooms to ambulance interiors. That means no matter the size of your organisation, you can benefit from misting to destroy surface and airborne germs.

What Are the Benefits of Misting?

Our teams use GenEon’s misting equipment, which is designed to give our customers proven results without any surface contact. Considering the looming COVID-19 pandemic, reduced surface contact and increased results are a great bonus. How misting benefits your office space:

  • Misting executed by a professional team of cleaners will remediate mould and mildew.
  • Effective misting destroys odours and undesirable smells.
  • When we mist your office, we will sanitise and disinfect every space, even hard to reach areas.
  • No contact is necessary, making the spread of germs or viruses less likely.
  • It can be used to sanitise and clean large open areas with equal efficacy.
  • By spreading fewer germs, viruses, and bacteria, you can increase your team’s productivity and reduce infections.

Does My Workspace Need Misting?

Recent studies suggest that SARS-CoV-2 remains active and infectious on surfaces and in the air for hours! This means that when you touch a surface or breathe air with the virus in it, you can get infected. For this reason, cleaning and sanitising your office space and work areas is of vital importance.

Some cleaning materials have not been proven to be effective at killing germs and can actually spread allergens and other pathogens. It’s important that the cleaning system you choose is backed by scientific research and studies.

Is Misting Safe for People, Plants, and Animals?

Yes, the misting system we use is 100% safe for plants, animals, and people. It is also safe for virtually all surfaces! Misting is environmentally friendly, safe, and simple to use. The system does not cause allergic reactions or leave undesirable chemicals in the air and on surfaces.

Sources: National Institutes of Health: Image: The Mist2.5 Sprayer/Blower: GenEon Tech

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