Why Neglecting Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Can Harm Your Staff’s Well-being.

Are you aware that neglecting carpet and upholstery cleaning in your office could be silently compromising the well-being of your staff? It might not seem like a big deal at first, but think about the countless hours they spend sitting on chairs or walking across carpets. Over time, these surfaces accumulate dirt, allergens, and even […]

One Point of Contact for All Your Office Cleaning Needs? Yes, Please!

Are you tired of juggling multiple cleaning services for your office space? Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with miscommunications and overlapping schedules? Look no further! Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of coordinating various vendors, and hello to streamlined communication, consistent quality, and peace of mind. Get ready to discover why having a […]

CCM Dash – Quick and Effective Mobile Cleaning

Online services that are user friendly, convenient and effective have become the hallmark of modern-day consumerism. At CCM, keeping abreast of these trends and ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of its offering is key, which is why CCM Dash was launched – a mobile division that offers cleaning for both commercial and […]

Office Cleaning Will Keep You and Your Staff Safe

You have a responsibility as an employer to protect yourself, your staff and your clients from harm. COVID-19 is something we are all dealing with; therefore, reasonable steps need to be put into place to protect the people around you from the Coronavirus.  The Coronavirus is easily transferrable from person to person contact or from people to surfaces and from these […]

How to Compile Your Office Safety Plan

Before moving your staff back into the office, it is advisable to have the office deep cleaned. This is where our professional facilities management team at Clean Care Mobile will be able to assist.  Coming up with a safety plan where all the important areas need to be attended to and maintained is the very first step in encouraging a healthy office […]

Protecting Your Business Is the New Normal

As some activity is permitted to resume from May, extreme precautions need to be taken to limit outbreaks and transmission of the Covid-19 virus. As we progress through the various phases moving down from Phase 5 to Phase 4, then Phases 3 and 2 down to Phase 1 when all should be back on track, we need to take the necessary […]

A Clean Workplace At Home Helps with Productivity

There are still rules that apply when working from home – cleanliness is certainly one of these. Save thousands on rentals and maintenance and learn how to keep the germs at bay. There is no need to use expert cleaners when working remotely, although if you do still use boardrooms and other bricks and mortar facilities, […]

Everything you need to know about Misting

The Benefits of Misting to Protect Your Office Business owners and office managers all over the world are facing a challenge unlike any we have experienced in recent times. Hygiene has suddenly become the top priority in people’s minds. Restrictions put in place because of the Coronavirus have made everyone more aware of large, open […]

8 Tips on How To Keep The Office Kitchen Clean

Ensuring the kitchen at the office is clean results in a healthy workforce and fewer germs, especially during the high flu season. The dirtiest place in the office is not the loo, but the kitchen! With so many viruses floating about and surfaces that could be contaminated, it is best to be safe rather than have regrets.   […]

8 Things You Need to Purge In Your Office Today

CCM (Clean Care Mobile ) is a professional facilities management business trained to keep your office space in pristine condition, whether the windows need to be in sparkling condition, plants require tending to, carpets and upholstery need cleaning or there is regular maintenance of your work environment. We show you how to put your best foot forward presenting a memorable and positive […]

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