The Hospitality Business Is Preparing to Reopen

Gearing up to reopen, South African restaurants and hospitality establishments are preparing reopening post-lockdown. What will this look like? 

Social media comments and media groups confirm that many customers will stay away with a bottle of wine and eat indoors if they are not permitted to consume alcohol. Health concerns are also keeping diners and visitors at home. 

These concerns include fine dining and casual eateries. Many business owners are now thinking out of the box, applying their business skills and becoming creative. 

As doors open strict rules and regulations are being applied for both customers and owners. 

For many hospitality outlets simply reducing seats will prove to be the end of the road for them. Many are already taking strain by not operating over the past couple of weeks. Unsurprisingly, businesses are seeking assistance from many quarters. 


High Tech Assistance Being Sought by the Hospitality Business 

The incorporation of high-tech resolutions and design teams are assisting establishments to reconfigure their spaces. This will ensure they optimise all the space and facilities they already have. As the doors begin to open this is indeed one solution. 

Choose a design team experienced in redesigning facilities during crises. A good idea would be to use experts that had to think out of the box and configure centres after calamities in various countries. Good examples are the Ebola crisis in Africa and hurricanehit and disaster areas. Technology could make a massive difference applied to redesigning the space already available. 

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Clear Views and Clear Signage Assist in Observing High Standards 

Clear signage should be visible and displayed to explain the flow of people. Making it clear what the new protocols will assist if it is stated clearly. By offering clear views of food prep stations and kitchens, the minds of patrons are put at ease. By observing high standards of sanitisation during food preparation will make it a more pleasing experience for diners. A feeling of trust is built by customers when this takes place. 

Additionally, certain eateries are extending barriers between the inside and outside of their establishments. This might result in walk-ins to use seating placed on sidewalks and at times the parking lots. 


Using Technology to Simulate Reconfiguration 

Many design teams are now using data to draw mock-ups and to simulate different configuration scenarios. Simulation technology can be used to great effect as it shows exactly how many seats can fit into a specific space. Embrace technology as it is a great way to use what you have while keeping safety rules in place. Best seating layout and how people can move safely within a given space. 

The hospitality embraces technology and apps too to serve customers more efficiently and speedily. Removing queues through apps and tech at tills and bars is the way moving forward? Customers will soon see a new way to pay with their devices without having to load apps. 


Factors to Consider  

Costs, space, and protocol are all factors to take into the equation as the doors to the hospitality industry open. Outdoor seating will possibly be the focus that many eateries and other facilities will consider. Where venues can keep a decent distance between staff and diners will play a major, important role. 


In Conclusion 

As the hospitality industry starts to operatepatrons are heading back to some sense of normalityEstablishments in the hospitality industry are deep cleaning using professionals and sanitisation and personal protective gear will now play a bigger role. 

Furthermore, technology and the expertise of design teams and reconfiguring spaces are becoming the norm and not the exception. 

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