How CCM Helps You Keep Your Building’s Bathrooms Clean and Safe.

Let’s face it, nobody likes a dirty bathroom. As the manager or owner of a building, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the bathrooms are not only clean but also safe for use. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you achieve both goals: CCM’s Hygiene Services. In this blog post, we’ll explore how […]

How Can Facilities Management Benefit Your Business?

“Your facilities management company will take care of the daily running of your office.”  Why is Facilities Management Important?  Facilities management is necessary to maintain offices, restaurants, shopping malls, and buildings in general. The way you run your business will say much about you. First impressions matter. Don’t allow your first impression to let you down.  Find a facilities management company offering a wide range of […]

The Many Reasons Why CCM Makes A Difference to Your Landscaping

If it’s green – we will keep it clean. First impressions matter; the problem is, taking care of gardens and your office surroundings is a skill that takes expertise, time, care and effort. Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than lush, manicured lawns, bubbling ponds and floral beds that attract butterflies and bees.  CCM’s experienced teams can transform the […]

8 Ideas for Choosing & Taking Care of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are good for you – period! People that work in office environments will benefit on many fronts when plants are introduced into the workspace. Not only are plants easy on the eye, but they can improve the very air that employees breathe in (one plant per every 10 square metres is a good barometer).  The big question here is – which plants should be chosen […]

A Guide to Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

Outsourcing Facilities Management is More Than Saving Money Facilities Management: The desire to outsource facilities management is no longer about saving money only – it is also about enhancing and embracing the employee and customer experience. By outsourcing your facilities management, the focus for your in-house teams would be to get on with the task […]

Save Money by Using Facility Managers

Many businesses believe that by using their teams to do the mundane tasks in and around the office will save money; however, save money by using facility managers. The reality is that much time is used up by employees that should be focusing on important things such as their jobs. Valuable time should not be […]


Without the help of facility maintenance software, it is no secret that the task of managing facilities and buildings would be a rather onerous affair.  This would mean that facilities managers often wing it or use the old paper trail method of pouring over spreadsheets, wasting time and therefore money.  Undocumented knowledge often leads to […]

Successful Facilities Management in 2019

There’s a distinctive difference between successful facilities management and not getting it quite right – the secret lies in looking at the bigger picture.  Overseeing an entire building including the equipment, the grounds, infrastructure and more is a huge responsibility; furthermore, there will always be a wide range of tasks that need to be tackled […]

Pest Control During Winter – Bugs Out!

While there’s less chance of encountering pesky insects such as mosquitoes and house flies during the winter months; the cold weather drives many other creatures seeking warmth and shelter indoors. That said, there are a few winter pest control measures you can put in place. Regular fumigation of homes and workspaces will ensure pests are […]

Facilities Management Predictions for 2019

Being a successful facilities manager in 2019 is mostly about keeping up with current trends which become obvious as the year unfolds; suffice to say, some trends are far more difficult to spot than others.  Three facilities management predictions for 2019 that are all-important include:  Many businesses are leaning towards a less traditional way of […]

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