Did you know that you can reduce the advent of catching colds and flu substantially by keeping your hands clean, and also by not touching your face, your eyes, your nose and your mouth?

Furthermore, by keeping your environment spotlessly clean at all times will also reduce colds and flu especially amongst your staff members.

The cold winter months have arrived, and with it the onset of both colds and flu.

A reputable hygiene service company will not only keep your office spic and span through the use of cutting-edge technology with a professional team, but will be able to keep unwanted germs at bay.

Reduce absenteeism this winter by half with a pristine office environment – sparkling kitchen, hygienically clean toilet areas, spotless desk areas and deep-cleaned upholstery and carpets.

It is a known fact that germs are spread through the use of phones and cups; encourage washing of hands and educate staff members to wipe down phones, keep the kitchen area sparkling, and of course through the use of a hygiene service company, your work-environment will soon be one of cleanliness and great pride.

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