Protecting Your Business Is the New Normal

As some activity is permitted to resume from May, extreme precautions need to be taken to limit outbreaks and transmission of the Covid-19 virus. As we progress through the various phases moving down from Phase 5 to Phase 4, then Phases 3 and 2 down to Phase 1 when all should be back on track, we need to take the necessary precautions and implement the necessary protection against any infections. 

Some businesses will be allowed to resume operations under specific conditions, and the implementation of PPE products will be normal practice to ensure the health and safety of everyone. 

Every business will have to adhere to detailed health and safety protocols to protect their employees and customers with workplace plans being put into place to enable disease surveillance in the prevention of the spread of infection. All businesses that are permitted to resume operations will be required to do so in a phased manner; the first step would be to ensure the workplace is work-ready by preparing the workplace with the workers returning in phases of no more than a third. 

As the easing down of the lockdown begins restrictions stipulate that all South Africans must wear a face mask whenever leaving their homes. 

PPE products are critically needed to protect frontline workers, particularly doctors and healthcare workers to ensure they are kept healthy in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

80% South African consumers believe that it is the right of employees that they should be protected and kept safe by their employers, hence the need to enforce the use of PPE products to enforce safe practices. 

What is PPE and how do we implement it to protect people? 

  • PPE or Personal Protective Equipment protects individuals against health or safety risks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that the entire world is facing at present 


  • In industrial settings, PPE would typically include headgear, eye protection, protective clothing and safety footwear 


  • In healthcare environments, the PPE would include fluid-resistance face masks, disposable gloves, gowns that have long sleeves and are not penetrable by fluids, goggles for the eyes, shields for faces and safety shoes and boots that are usually closed, plus the use of disinfectants and hand sanitisers. 


Safe Work Practices provide resources and work environments that encourage and promote safety and personal hygiene 

As we find ourselves in an environment facing the COVID-19 virus, PPE is becoming the norm and health and safety measures are being implemented in all applications as the lock-down of the country eases off in phases. Suffice to say, safe work practices include procedures for the safe and proper implementation used to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of exposure to a hazard (in this instance, we refer to the COVID-19 virus). 


  • These procedures include no-touch soap dispensers and bins, providing soaps and sanitisers, alcohol-based hand rubs, disinfectants and disposable towels for surfaces and hands 


  • Procedures also include the correct way to cough and sneeze and avoiding individuals and colleagues that are not well 


At CCM we offer a wide range of PPE products – many of these are now compulsory  


  • Our Free-Standing Sanitiser Dispenser is perfect for a wide range of businesses, plus you can get refills as and when required 


  • Wall-Mounted Sanitisers and Dispensers for easy access – refills are also available for these sanitisers 


  • Poly Face Masks and Poly Face Masks with filters. Face masks have now become necessary for anyone leaving their homes 


  • Cashier Counter Sneeze Screens – these screens are already visible in many retail food and medical outlets 


  • Counter Desktop Sneeze Screens 


  • Counter Sneeze Screens (pharmacies, supermarkets and other businesses that deal with the public) 


  • Sanitiser Info Stand (bottles are not included in this product – a great way to encourage the public to keep their hands clean) 


  • Executive Pull-Up Banner with your company logo – a great way to educate and convey information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic 


  • Face Shields (particularly necessary for healthcare and front-line workers’ protection), fitted with either a clip or elastic strap. The choice is dependent on individual preference and comfort 


  • Field Screens to protect and isolate patients and healthcare workers in field hospitals and other settings which are fitted with casters for easmobility 


  • Info posters – keeping the public informed 


  • Testing and screening stations for rural applications and pop-up testing 


  • Self-standing screens to ensure the safety of individuals and to enforce social distancing is implemented 


  • Social distancing floor decals 


The level of risk depends in part on the industry type and need for contact within 2m. The full range of PPE products will ensure the safety of industries right across the board as the country and world begin to ease out of lockdown phase by phase.  

Stay home and stay safe wherever you can and be sure to take the necessary precautionary steps wherever needed. PPE products are to become our new normal for our own protection. Contact Clean Care Mobile for a wide range of Personal Protecttive clothing and more

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