A Clean Workplace At Home Helps with Productivity

There are still rules that apply when working from home – cleanliness is certainly one of these. Save thousands on rentals and maintenance and learn how to keep the germs at bay. There is no need to use expert cleaners when working remotely, although if you do still use boardrooms and other bricks and mortar facilities, facilities management companies are well-versed in keeping these in spotless condition when required. 

One in seven individuals work from home as working from home cuts out the “noise” with a focus on what it is important and what is not. Commuting and the expense of getting to and from an office or job will be cut drastically, thus saving both time and money. 

To be completely productive, though, there need to be some rules put into place to ensure the workday does not run away from you and that you are not distracted by what is happening around you in your home. 

Working remotely also allows for great flexibility – if you are unable to complete tasks during normal working hours, these can easily be made up during quiet times depending on the nature of what it is that you do. 

There are some drawbacks when working from home – one of these is the lack of social interaction which plays a vital role for many plus bills will add up in a home office environment plus there could be distractions around you. The key here is discipline and a mindset that has a focus on what is important, and that is to get the job done no matter what. 

Here are a couple of pointers that should assist when working from home: 

  • Remember that a tidy space equals a tidy mind. Scientific research has shown that multiple stimuli that are presented visually compete for neural representation which, put simply, if you have much going on around you your mind is trying to become organised – make it easier on your mind and tidy up your workspace. 

Place the things you love around you – this will make for a happy workspace. Make your office your own by adding a personal touch. Remember happy space happy work! 

  • Keep germs at bay even when working from home 

Avoiding the office and working from home to avoid germs won’t help if your home environment is not clean. Once the clutter has been removed it is imperative that the home office is freshened up and cleaned. Even when the home office appears clean, there are numerous nooks and crannies where germs can hide. 

Did you know that your keyboard has more germs than the average toilet bowl? Washing hands continuously for 20 seconds will ensure your keyboard does not harbour harmful germs. Wash your hands every time you visit the kitchen to make that lifesaving cuppa char or when you visit the bathroom. 

Carpets and office chairs also harbour germs – always remember to keep these clean. 

A clean workspace at home helps productivity 

A clean, organised work environment is key to being productive in the home office. Cleaning up your home office is usually done by yourself and often finding the motivation when you have more pressing tasks could put cleaning on the back burner. 

Don’t be tempted to work in a mess. This could lead to you becoming ill especially when germs and bacteria breed in places you are not aware of. 

Once all the clutter has been cleared the job of cleaning should not be too onerous and intricate. Simply start at the very top of the room and work your way to the bottom. Dust and use disinfectant cleaners or use soap and water as water will wash away all germs, viruses and bacteria. Starting from the top and working downward will ensure the dirt falls to the floor which can then easily be vacuumed and washed away, and which should be your final task when cleaning your home office. 

Keep your phone, laptop screen and keyboard clean always – use wet wipes or a little window cleaner to execute this task to perfection. 

Keeping your remote office clean and having a clear mind without the cluttter will ensure you are healthy and productive which is key to working from home. 

For those running bricks and mortar office, remove the stress by using a team of professional cleaners to keep your place clean especially when you are away during the holiday season or not in the office every day. 

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