CCM Dash – Quick and Effective Mobile Cleaning

Online services that are user friendly, convenient and effective have become the hallmark of modern-day consumerism. At CCM, keeping abreast of these trends and ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of its offering is key, which is why CCM Dash was launched – a mobile division that offers cleaning for both commercial and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Green Cleaning Services

“Organisations are becoming more environmentally friendly in their cleaning practices for greater sustainability.”   Is Hiring Green Cleaning Services Important?  Are you conscious of the materials used when cleaning your office space? It is often tempting to use the cheapest products advertised for a quick once-over. Busy commercial environments often overlook the importance of using green cleaning […]

Why an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service is the Way to Go

At CCM our professional team of cleaners are now taking on so much more in the way of keeping the environment free of germs and viruses whether in the home, the home office environment or the workplace. Our cleaning professionals are putting themselves at risk by being exposed to environments where the virus might be prevalent. That is why we take every possible precaution to minimise risk to all involved. Our teams […]

How Green is Your Office

Greening in the office starts at the top, although everyone has a role to play. Whether it is collecting plastic and recycling all those plastic bottles into Eco-Bricks, or whether it is a simple thing such as banning plastic cutlery, plastic plates and cups – everyone has a role to play. Why not encourage your entire complement […]

Why Paperless Is Kind to the Environment

Deforestation is a major concern, which is why using responsibly sourced products are vital. Did you know our largest paper supplier, Sappi, uses responsibly sourced products and does not use wood from ancient forests or indigenous trees? Sappi plants and harvests trees specifically for the use of paper products and have their very own plantations; in other words, they grow their trees specifically to make […]


Keep your environment looking good all year round by using professional upholstery cleaners to deep clean all your soft furnishings, and also avoid those nasty allergies that are exacerbated by dust mites in your environment. You can now enjoy good health, as well as a sparkling office and home. Not only are the methods used […]

The Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service

If your carpets are dirtier than an episode of South Park, it’s time you called in a carpet cleaning company – there are no two ways about it.  However, you do have an important choice to make with regards to the type of carpet cleaning service you call in.  Surely, you want to get the […]

What are Green Cleaning Services?

Green used to just be a colour, but that’s certainly not the case any longer. Nowadays, you’re more likely to hear it as a term regularly mentioned when people talk about something that is good for the environment. Typically, it refers to a product that is environmentally friendly. What this means is that the product […]

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